About Thomas

Thomas Bergersen was born in a small town in Norway and has spent his whole life living and breathing music. He is a multi instrumentalist, proficient on piano, violin, trumpet and various other musical instruments. He began playing piano at the age of 6, later moved into synths, computers and digital music where he would build the foundation for his later career, and then progressed into writing symphonic music in his teens.

One of his greatest interests is ethnic music and unique music culture. As a result of this interest he has learned many languages and is constantly moving around the world to study music culture and their influences, searching for new inspiration.

His popular compositions with TSFH such as “Heart of Courage”, “Victory”, “Strength of a Thousand Men”, Protectors of the Earth”, “Impossible”, “Star Sky” and countless others have accumulated billions of views worldwide. In addition he has a very successful solo career, with his largest opus to date “Humanity” representing the pinnacle of his career so far. “Humanity” is a series of music in 7 chapters, featuring over 7 hours of orchestral music.

Utilizing his unique skills, Thomas has recorded several bespoke sample libraries for personal use which he uses in his composition process. He was also a co-producer with Nick on the EWQL Hollywood Orchestra sample library which received multiple awards and became a best seller in the industry.

In his spare time he is an avid designer and architect and has designed and built several homes. He is also a licensed captain and loves taking his boat to sea. Still, playing instruments will always be his favorite form of relaxation and meditation and his obsessive search for the elusive holy grail of melodies will continue until his last breath.