Humanity Chapter II

Humanity Chapter II is the second installment in the extensive music series by Thomas Bergersen.

In Chapter I the theme was “Freedom” and as we enter Chapter II, the first piece “Мир» (a Slavic word meaning World/Peace) sets the tone. This piece is sung in Russian and is about our children who builds our future under this great blue roof we call home.

Chapter II is about our families, children, dreams and desires, our legacy, our hardship, heroism and fate. Purpose.

The piece “Crystallize” solidifies the foundation of our existence, and with the message that our creative minds know no boundaries in “Your Imagination”, the inspiration for creating our unique and incredible life stories leads us to “Materialize” in which our dreams and hopes are realized.

I wrote “The Stars Are Coming Home” to commemorate a friend lost to addiction, truly one of the greatest traps in life.

Chapter II aims to project musically what it means and feels to be alive. Where we get our sense of purpose from, and how our dreams shape us, while our families keep us grounded.

In the final track, “Vaporize” I wanted to show the other side of the coin of life, with how heart ache can feel like an endless chasm, with seemingly no hope, yet we end this chapter with a few simple piano notes that take us seamlessly into Chapter III, and into the greatest emotion of all, love.

Chapter II features the talents of Capellen Orchestra and Choir with Petr Pololanik, as well as Four for Music and the Bulgarian Opera Choir. Vocals by Merethe Soltvedt, Kimera Morrell, Audrey Karrasch and Thomas Bergersen. Guitars by Claudio Pietronik and drums by Sam Brashear. Violin and Cello by Thomas Bergersen.

Artwork by Sam Hayles