Humanity Chapter III

With Chapter III, Thomas wanted to take a soft approach to exploring the deepest, purest and perhaps the most fulfilling feelings we can experience as humans on this planet. Love.

From the “Sparks” that fly as two people perfect for each other cross paths in the most extraordinary ways, to that first time their lips meet in “First Kiss”, and the following feeling of euphoria as those butterflies in your stomach come out of nowhere and shake up your world!

The bond that is forged between two people in love as they lay next to each other and dream about their future together strengthens with each passing day. Do you remember that time when you looked at your loved one and just had a quiet realization, you give me peace, you give me strength, you give me happiness and comfort. You Are My Home.

Chapter III takes us on that personal journey as a life together is forged from that first special moment, through all of life’s adventures, and into old age, perhaps even with the creation of a family together? A little shining star, born from love?

The 3rd installment in the Humanity series is the most delicate of all the chapters, written mostly for orchestra and choir. It is the heart of the series, just as love is the figurative heart of our lives.

Artwork by Sam Hayles

Love Suite