Sun Cover
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October 01, 2014



  • Before Time
  • Creation of Earth
  • Sun
  • Cry
  • Our Destiny
  • New Life
  • Final Frontier
  • Starchild
  • Cassandra
  • Colors of Love
  • Always Mine
  • Dragonland
  • Fearless
  • Empire of Angels
  • Two Hearts
  • In Paradisum

Thomas Bergersen's long awaited follow up album to his debut album "Illusions", released in 2011. "Sun" took him almost 4 years to complete and features his best, most heartfelt, virtuosic and powerful music to date. It features a giant orchestra (over 200 musicians contributed), choir, bulgarian choir, famous world class instrumentalists and a wide range of styles, emotions and colors. Recorded around the world, with contributing artists from all over the world including Bulgaria, Romania, Norway, USA, Brazil, Mexico, Germany and Italy. "Sun" is without doubt Thomas Bergersen's finest work to date, and the natural continuation of "Illusions". Read more about Sun...

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