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New Interstellar trailer with music from Sun

There’s a new Interstellar trailer out, and it features the track “Final Frontier” from my album “Sun”!

“SUN” now on iTunes, Amazon and CDbaby!

Sun has been released and is now available for purchase and instant download. Thank you for supporting my work! Click the button of your preferred music store!

The Sun is finally here. A thanks for all the support.

The greatest moments in life are the ones we share with others. This is how I feel as I’m releasing my new album “Sun”. For years I have been working…

Pre-order Sun Now!

You can now pre-order “Sun” on iTunes, Amazon and CDbaby. If you pre-order on iTunes you can even download an early track “Empire of Angels” from the album!

Jetzt bin ich in Deutschland!

I am in Germany, scouting future concert venues and enjoying the German gastfreundschaft in Munich. What a beautiful city and wonderful people! Can’t wait to perform here. So, Berlin oder…

Concert in Romania

I recently had the pleasure of having my music (along with Hans Zimmer’s) performed at an amazing open air venue in Romania. Ciprian Costin arranged the show. Stay tuned for…