Concert in Romania

I recently had the pleasure of having my music (along with Hans Zimmer’s) performed at an amazing open air venue in Romania. Ciprian Costin arranged the show.

Stay tuned for more concert announcements as we get into the busier half of 2015. After the release of Sun I will hopefully be taking the music on the road. I can’t wait to see all of my fans in person!


  1. Please do a concert in Germany! (:

    • I would also really appreciate that, preferably in Germany’s most beautiful city: Munich! :)

      • Wow, you may be getting what you’re asking for, check the newest news out :D

  2. Yeah! Pleace come to Germany.
    We have here also a very large Fanbase and very beautiful opera houses.
    For example: the Semperopera in Dresden, the Opera in Frankfurt or the Staatsopera Unter den Linden in Berlin.
    It would be so epic listen to your great Music here in Germany!

  3. Concert in Spain is a must!
    I’d get all my friends to go for sure.
    Remember: Spain… Sun :)


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